Tired of being told there is no answer or solution to your pain?

In 5 minutes you can:

  • Learn the most overlooked pain source for headaches and migraines allowing you to:

  • Become a headache expert

  • Tell your friends & family about the most common source of headaches & migraines that even your doctor may not be aware of and can't be detected by imaging.

Dr. Jono Taves from Novera: Headache Center

Trained at the Mayo Clinic and has a passion for helping people just like you find lasting Headache & Migraine relief right here in Colorado Springs.

Here is what people are saying:

"The pain was too much to bear and I was even throwing up. My migraine was driving me to bed. I went to see Jono and he worked on me for about 30 minutes. The pain subsided and I felt like a new person! "

  • Julia T.

"Dr. Taves' evaluation of me was the first time I understood my years of migraines, jaw pain and neck stiffness were related. His patience to listen, explain, and loosen my jaw without any pops or quick fixes have me incredibly excited to continue treatment. I truly believe his heart is for his patients to experience long-term change as quickly as possible. He is an incredible doctor! HIGHLY recommend."

  • Meredith S.

"Dr. Taves has changed my life when traditional medicine failed. I’ve had severe migraines for ten years, often to the point of emergency room visits and regularly missing events with family and friends. Now I can happily say I have resumed activities I haven’t done in years: skiing, running and gardening. Thank you, Dr. Taves!"

  • Gail Z.

Novera: Headache Center 2139 Chuckwagon Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80919